the annual sox/yanks comparison

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    Re: the annual sox/yanks comparison

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    The better question might be which team is in a better position from this day forward. While most would agree neither the RS or Yanks will win a WS in 2013. Who will get back there sooner? IMO RS are the team that has the brighter future. With MLB changing most of the rules that gave Big Mkt teams a clear advantage over Small Mkt teams, $ allotment for draft picks, no more signing all the top International FA's available. This means smart baseball decisions and a productive farm system will more dictate success.

    The Yankees are a aging team that is desperately trying to get under the salary cap by 2014 which will help insure the [1] advantage it has over all of baseball = more $. If they can reset the payroll salary tax % it will greatly help them to outspend all others, if they continue to pay a high tax of 40-50% much less of an advantage. But they will also have to decide on what to do w/ Cano and Granderson who both have expiring contracts in the very near future. IMO will not be able to resign both, not to mention what happens if Jeter puts up a yr similar to last yr, whats he worth? They've already let both Swisher & Martin walk and both will be missed, Swisher was a very consistent and productive Yank and Martins defense and work w/ staff will be missed. Their pitching staff the strength of the team includes 2 pitchers age 38/40, staff ace CC who is trending down and coming of surgery. Hughes and Phelps both are young and getting better, Nova 1 good yr / 1 bad yr not sure what to expect. The position players Tex/Granderson/Arod are trending down. Bad contracts [Arod/Tex/CC] lots of $ tied up for lots of years. Jeter/Petitte/Mo all very near retirement. The farm has some talent but not enough to replace the aging players on its roster and if not allowed to spend for next 2 yrs not sure how long Yanks will stay in contention in tough AL east?

    The RS on the otherhand were already out of contention last year and unless much breaks right might not contend this yr as well. But the future is much brighter. The RS don't have the payroll tax issues the Yanks have. The farm is loaded and ready to pop. The staff has 3 guys under the age of 30 in Lester/Buchholz/Doubront and could add Morales. The farm has talent ready now and in the future, De La Rosa we'll probably see this year, also very shortly Barnes/Webster, not to distant should include Owens/Buttrey/Kukuk/Johnson/Montas. Position players RS have a budding star in Middlebrooks, Pedroia, 2 C's in Salty/Lavarnway, Ellsbury should they resign [which is doubtfull and not neccesary] and a farm ready to provide much needed help in Boegarts/Iggy/Bradley/Brentz/Swihart/Marrero. The RS roster is not bloated w/ long term contracts to old declining players the way the Yanks are. Most RS veteran are 3 yrs or less, making the transition much easier for RS or adding a FA if needed. The [1] position the RS will need help is 1B, Napoli in my opinion is a backup C / DH and don't have anyone on farm, unless they were to move Middlebrooks there and play Boegarts @ 3B w/ Iggy or Marrero @ SS's if they don't see Boegarts as a SS in the future. 

    IMO RS have a brighter future than do Yanks, but a lot can happen. Injuries, prospects don't pan out, FA signings could all change things. But if I had to put $ down on it I would pick the RS as having a better chance of getting back to WS first. Not sure what Yankees fans think with everything that is going on there and there current predictiment?


    Exactly how is Sabathia "trending down"??


    And I love how every red sox prospect becomes a productive major league starter in your view.

    Lets see CC is 32 yrs old just came off a season that saw his highest era since 05 w/ Clev and fewest IP since 06 w/ Clev. just had bone spurs removed from his elbow this off season. Doesn't sound like a recipe for his best year next year? While CC is still a good pitcher would definately think his best days are behind him, there are lot of IP on that arm.

    The Red Sox had 6 guys in the top 100 in a few top prospect lists. I think there are only 3 other teams that can make that claim and the Yanks are not one of them. The players the RS have in the lower part of their system might be just as good as the players that are getting all the recognition. No one said every RS prospect is a mlb player but if you have enough top prospects you know you will hit on at least a few of them. After this year don't be surprised if names like Swihart, Cecchini, and Kukuk, are the next line of prospects to make those same lists.

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    Re: the annual sox/yanks comparison

    Comparing the offensive attributes of two players based on their defensive position is kind of silly.  Just because 2 guys both play shortstop does not mean they will be relied on equally in the lineup.


    Is Derek Jeter a better hittter than Stephen Drew?   Yes, and he had better be, since the Yankees will be counting on Jeter at leadoff, whereas Drew will be hitting somewhere in the 7-8-9 range.


    A better idea should be linuep up postion. he problem is, who knows the lineups yet?  But we cal guess.   and if I had to guess the lineups and which player would have the better year, I would guess as follows.


    Leadoff: Ellsbury / Jeter


    Second: Pedroia / Gardner


    Third: Ortiz / Teixeira


    Fourth: Napoli / Cano


    Fifth: Middlebrooks / Granderson


    Sixth: Saltalamacchia / Hafner


    Seventh: Victorino /  Youkilis


    Eighth: Nava, Sweeney & Gomes / Suzuki


    Ninth: Drew / Cervelli


    So the Sox win 5-4, but not all batting order spots are equal. 3 of the Sox better spots were 7-8-9, so calling it a flat out win is a little hollow.  Especially with the Yankees taking every spot from 3 thru 6.


    I can call it a draw...

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    Re: the annual sox/yanks comparison


    NESN > YES network    :)


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    Re: the annual sox/yanks comparison

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    NESN > YES network    :)


    Something tells me you're not talking about revenue stream