The future is brite and the Red Sox will be just fine...

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    Re: The future is brite and the Red Sox will be just fine...

    Im not sure if this was actually a discussion or a grammar lesson but I'll bite and no, I do not have the obligatory 5000 posts so if its mandatory, I fail.

    It will be quite alarming if they even spend half of the saved money on contracts this offseason. Any big contracts you see them sign will be of the one-year, Adrian Beltre, rebuilding my name type. Ellsbury will be the only real question mark. Do they lock him up or do they offer him arbritation on a year where he once again missed the majority of it due to injury and see how 2013 goes with him? While there has been talk of giving Papi his multi-year contract now that Gonzalez is no longer the "big bat", I still wouldnt do it. Something just doesnt smell right with this resurgence of power when it should be declining (especially in light of a few more positive PED cases) and his past admittance. Is he on something which for now is not detectable but could become next year? Who knows, just too big of a gamble in my opinion.

    Solution: Call-up some kids who are on the cusp and see what they have to offer. This way you will know where you need to shop/trade during the offseason.

    P.S. I am getting tired of having to buy new jersey's every year!! I knew I should have went with the Pedroia jersey instead of the Gonzalez!!!!
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    Re: The future is brite and the Red Sox will be just fine...

    I'm just sick of the media and fans in this town.  I hope Henry sells the team to some sh*theel owner like McCourt who shows you all the meaning of incompetence.  gonzalez is great player who was having an off power year but was still hitting .300 and driving in 90+.  Not good enough for the spoiled Boston hoards!  Get rid of him!  Well now you can watch the club suck for 5 years while they experiment with a farm system.  Meanwhile Henry will shift the bucks over to Liverpool on a new stadium.  SUCKERS.