we all know the starting pitching has been the biggest problem, but what flies under the radar (because they score a high total of runs) is an inconsistent lineup. there are too many guys that that are undisciplined hitters that swing at pitches out of the strike zone and get themselves out. Crawford, Ross, Salty, Aviles and Middlebrooks. i can cut Middlebrooks some slack because he is a rookie adjusting to major league changeups and sliders but there is a reason Ross is on a 1 year deal for cheap $$ and Aviles was traded by K.C. etc. when half your lineup are low OBP guys it makes for inconsistent scoring and it seems like some of the other hitters in the lineup try to do too much to make up for it and start swinging at pitches they normally wouldnt. Ross struck out on a curve that was 2 feet off the plate last nite, would anyone in the yankee lineup have done that??? nope.