Bill-806 is enamored of the sweet swing of Danny Nava, and purist agree Adrian Gonzalez has the sweetest swing on the Sox, but Ryan Sweeney, pound for pound has to be the worst slugger in baseball. At 6'4", 225 lbs he gets almost nothing for his size. Looking at video, I see a guy who leads with his elbows, which forces him to twist his upper body through the swing, and he tends to fall away from the plate, this effect is creating line drives with no lift. Compare his swing to Lars Anderson, a guy similar in size at 6'4" 215, Anderson is using his legs to leveraage the ball into the air, his homer last week hit off the scoreboard in CF, a spot so far from home plate the club saw no reson to protect it with a screen. Watching Punto go upperdeck with his small frame shows what the right kind of swing can produce. Sweeney would have to hit it three times to get it up there.