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I mentioned this five days ago. They could have an extra bullpen arm, but instead they waited around for the obvious, Clay Buchholz won't be ready for Tuesday, which would be his 10th day without playing.

DL him and bring Wilson back.



I just hope we continue to get decent pitching and enough offense because Clay has never been a 200 inning guy.  Withour Clay, Jon also needs to get his act together again.  If we pick up a big win today it makes the last 7 games pretty productive. 



I dont think Buch will ever be a dependable 200IP guy. I think the Sox realize this too and need Lester to step up now, but have also made it apparent in the draft. They seem to mostly value pitchers who are between 6'2-6'7 and north of 200LBS.


Buch will be a solid contrubuter, but Id say hes a 28 game a year pitcher with between 180-200IP. His body type just cant hold up for a full 162+ playoffs MLB season. Doesnt mean hes not a stud when hes in there, just that this is who I think he is going forward.

Our SP and closer are a crap shoot in my opinion.  Bailey got very lucky yesterday and it was a huge break for us.  If the offense stays healthy, or everyone continues to chip in we have a shot at the PS.  However, I don't see our SP or pen taking us very far into the PS if we do make and our bats are silenced.