The Phillies are Buyers?!?

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    The Phillies are Buyers?!?

    According to multiple sources the Philadelphia Phillies are not going to be sellers on July 31st, and instead are going to be buyers!?! What is Ruben Amaro doing?!? The team is currently playing less than .500 Ball sitting at a record of 49 - 52 and have lost their last 4 straight games. They are currently 8 games out of both the Wild Card and the Division. The Phillies were bad last year and once again they're bad this year! Most likely barring any major moves they're going to be bad again next year. This is an aging roster with Players such as Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Jonathon Paplebon, and Jimmy Rollins all on the wrong side of 30! If Ruben Amaro traded Lee or Paplebon now would be as good of a time as ever. You have teams such as Boston, St. Louis, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Detroit, New York and Baltimore that would all probably be interested in one of their players that could get them back a pretty nice return whether it's Paplebon, Utley, Lee or Young. I think Amaro's butt should definetely be on the hot seat if he doesn't make any changes and the Phillies have another bad season.

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    Re: The Phillies are Buyers?!?

    Red Sox board we generally don't care what other teams do!!