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    Re: The Postseason Board

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    I have found the 2013 postseason board to be as good as or better than the regular season board, which means a lot of insights from surprising sources. 

    what is the 2013 postseason board?

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    Re: The Postseason Board

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    In response to 67redsox's comment:


    In response to J-BAY's comment:




    Well..since..as I stated here..I have no idea who Pike is then your comment makes no sense. Moreover..the idea that someone..on an anonymous discussion board..is accusing new posters of being this "pike" person is simply ludicrous.

    I guarantee there R many that disagree with U there
    just a question if they will step up or not


    miscricket, I agree with Zac. I'm not sure if you're aware of the havoc pike has reeked on this forum, over the years. He had as many as 2 dozen screen names at one time. He accuses posters of being wet blankets, pretenders, trolls and NYY fans. He has posted posters personal information. Trolls other sites to try to call them out on thisboard.  The fact he has singlehandedly caused BDC to step ou the moderation on this forum, says it all. Other posters, including myself,  forewarn others, veterans and newbies, who are being duped. It's an issue, not doubt. He ruined the gamethread to the point we had to set up a private chat room, as he attempted to ruin that as well, by signing in as other posters. Good job, pike 



    How do you know these posters are pike?  I have been around a long time but I haven't seen a lot of posts warning newbies about pike.  What I have seen are newbies being accused of being pike after just a few posts.  I don't think that's helping newbies to feel welcomed here.



    How did he ruin the game thread?  I used to post there sometimes and didn't see any problems.  

    I think you are a great poster j-bay and I'm not trying to be difficult.  These are sincere questions.


    67, he posted in the gamethreads under multiple screen names, and insulted any poster or post who said anything negative about the Sox. IDK, you may not have known it was him or noticed. Pike has his own "unique" way of posting and doesn't take long to recognize it. Is it an issue and unfair to a new posters to be labled, sure it is. but pike created it, not the posters who are trying to give a heads up to others, who are being targeted.  Pikes latest was Tampa2013, pretending to be a Rays fan to stir up trouble. He did it last night on the gamethread, posters who didn't know it was him, then continued it on the forum. His tampa2013 account has been banned, but he's in there as raysfanl, too


    May I make a sugestion then?

    It might be a good idea not to accuse newbies of being pike. If someone thinks a newbie is pike then report him. To call people pike when we are not sure is chasing some posters away.

    I guess I don't know his style because I can't pick him out.  I do ignore those who are anoying so maybe I just don't notice him.

    After years of being here there I have learned to tune out certain posters.

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    Re: The Postseason Board

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    In fact wasn't jessey very upset about it? I don't think he thought it wasn't a big deal.


    He did it to me too. I was a 42 yr old marshal arts instructor doing time in Derry, NH.


    LOL, that explains a lotWink

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