The Red Sox, And their travelling fans

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    The Red Sox, And their travelling fans

    I was grandfathered into Red Sox Nation, 11 years ago. I am 24 years old and live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. I now consider myself the biggest Sox fan north of the border. The closest ball park to me is a short 7 hour drive to Minnesota. Over the last 11 some years, I have travelled to see the Sox play 53 games. Wether it be in Minnesota, Toronto, Seattle or Fenway itself. However, this year I just cant get excited to see them live. Sure I still pride myself on catching 140 games on NESN a year. (I bought a Dishnet receiver and got a fake address in Boston) but I just have no urge to see them play this year. Sure I still have a sour taste in my mouth from catching 5 Games in September at Fenway...Only to see them lose them all. But what I want to know, are you other travelling fans looking at all this the same way I am ? Or are you still paying good money to see sub par effort ? I cant justify it right now, and its bothering me because of how much I love the Sox, but i definitely don't feel I owe it to the front office. And i think that is the biggest reason.
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    Re: The Red Sox, And their travelling fans

    I hear you on that one. I am from St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada. I am a Bruins, Sox & Pats fan. I just travelled 8 hours to Boston to see that farce of a series against the Blue Jays. I have been to Fenway many times, but this by far was the worst trip ever. Swept by the lowly Jays in convincing style. I can honestly say it was close to the most embarrassed I have ever been as a Sox fan. Last September takes that honour. I had to hear it from the Jays fans in attendence & also the Jays fans back home here. I will continue to make the trip to see the Bruins but as far as the Sox go, I won't waste my money on over priced tickets again.
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