The return of the black hole at shortstop

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    Re: The return of the black hole at shortstop

    greetings DC

    [QUOTE]pinstripe, to answer your question, the reason i go by dannycater is that my favorite pitcher as a kid was lefty sparky lyle, which for a while was one of the most one-sided trades in MLB history. I keep it as a reminder that the Sox probably could won the 75 WS title prior to '04 had they kept the reliever of Lyle's ability. Lyle would have been there in the 9th after Willoughby, not Jim Burton, who albeit threw a pretty good pitch to Morgan, but he should never have been put in that spot by Darrell Johnson
    Posted by dannycater[/QUOTE]

    you must be a great BB fan

    I believe for one to be a true BB fan they must enjoy pain

    and your post certainly makes me think you do ;-)

    of course I loved sparky too

    he was gawd and then got screwed when they brought the goose in

    which nettles replied '' from cy young to sayonara ''

    but if you never heard cater talk you really missed something

    funniest voice I ever heard

    thanks 4 answering DC

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