It is now time to put Ortiz, Crawford, Beckett and anyone else who is hurting, on the 60 day disalbed list. Let them heal and come back strong in 2013.Look the Sox are nor going to the playoff;s this year, so let Crawford get his Tommy John operation, find out what's really ailing Beckett, let Ortiz heal 100%, and start playing kids likw Iglesias, Gomez,etc. to see if they are big leaguer's, and start to look forward towards 2013.
The FO has to make a decision on Valentine[personally I would keep him].
Time to get rid of Cody Ross[unless the Sox feel he is in their plans for 2013]
Let Kelly Shoppach go, catch Lavarnway the rest of the year[don't use the excuse he is a defensive libiality, he just got defensive catcher in the IL]
Let Iglesias play SS the rest of the year.

Bring back Bailey, put him in as the closer, move Aviles into the rotation  to see if he caan truly start and be effective.Also give Tazawa the ball every 5th day and lets find out if he is a starter.

I would if go so far as to bring up Bradley, Bogaerts, and Alex Wilson. Let them get their feet wet, who knows they may surprise us and do quite well.
I'm all for letting our young guys play the rest of the year, as opposed to watching the same player's who have not done the job this year.

Look Aviles has donea decent job, but the Sox asked him to be the regular SS and he is not a every day SS. Let Ciracio play 3rd on a regular basis, not Valencia.
We may finish last in the east with our present player's, so if we finish last, let's at least find out what we have in the farm system.

This winter I hope the FO get's serious and cleans house, even if 2013 is a rebuilding year with younger player's.