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The White Flag is Up!

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    Re: The White Flag is Up!

    In response to softlaw2's comment:


    Maddon never does that. It's the calling card of a loser. Never build up your opponents. It's simple, don't talk about your opponent other than to say we believe we can beat anyone if we do what we are supposed to do. Don't give them extra motivation, and don't build them up and give them confidence. The old "I'll make them overconfident" has never worked.




    You are in an alternate universe. It is one of Maddon's calling calls.


    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Rays manager Joe Maddon is always one of the most entertaining and insightful people to speak to in baseball. He also knows Jonny Gomes and Mike Napoli pretty well.

    Maddon managed Gomes and was the bench coach with the Angels when Napoli was there.

    Here is some of what he had to say today:

    Maddon on Gomes being a presence in the clubhouse: "There's something about Jonny, yeah. I saw [Kevin] Millar right there. I was thinking of Millar right there. Jonny Gomes, he's a different cat. He really cares. He really cares about the rest of the group."

    Maddon on Gomes as a player: "I think he's really improved his batting stance and shortness of his swing the last couple of years have been more effective, and I know the kind of hitter that he plays in that ballpark. I know he's going to ingratiate himself to the fans there. He's the perfect guy. John is going to fit in really well there. Good for the Red Sox."

    Maddon on Napoli: "Love Nap. He came on a couple of years in Texas. What made him great is acceptance of the opposite field. He became much more difficult with two strikes. Nap's always had severe power. I remember working on him at the backfields at Diablo, just trying to clean up some things back then, because he had this enormous power, but there was a lot of swing and missing too."

    "He's made some really great adjustments. He's a makeup guy like [Gomes] is. Not as outspoken as Jon, maybe not as flamboyant in a sense, but a man's man kind of a thing. Going to be great in the clubhouse. Nap is a good catcher. Pitchers like him. Pitchers like Nap. Probably maybe not going to catch as much. But both of them together are going to bring a lot of positives to that clubhouse. There's no doubt. And it's good for the Red Sox.

    Here's what Oakland manager Bob Melvin had to say about Gomes:

    "That was a nice little deal. ... He's in a good place for him. I know he's excited about it, and I've talked to him a couple times since the deal, and he's excited. ... He's just a guy that's respected [in the clubhouse] based on the fact that he's there to win. He's been some places where their teams weren't expected to do well and did. I mean, everywhere he's been, it seems like teams have done pretty well. You know, especially for us with the younger group last year, he was kind of a resource for a lot of our younger guys, and there's certain guys that are able to do that, and he's one of them."

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    Re: The White Flag is Up!

    In response to carnie's comment:

    In response to redsoxdirtdog's comment:

    In response to moonslav59's comment

    In response to redsoxdirtdog's comment:

    In response to moonslav59's comment:

    In response to redsoxdirtdog's comment:

    In response to softlaw2's comment:

    My white flag went up the moment we signed Shane and Dempster.

    You've been bashing Ben for building a horrible team, so why the surprise at the white flag?

    I'm not surprised, I am disgusted! Bradley has surprised me with his readiness this spring, as I thought it would be a year later. But this is the kind of spark that has the potential to change the attitude and trajectory of an entire team. The odds are still against them, but the odds get a lot better with Bradley. It's not just numbers, it's his attitude and his total skillset. He is energy on the field and optimism off the field.

    It sends the wrong message to send hope to the minors, on the pretense that it won't matter for 12 days and it's critical for the Red Sox to "save" 2 or 3M a year over the next 7 years".

    How the team starts doesn't mean how they will finish, but it's important to change attitudes and culture and build team confidence.

    Now I know the meaning of that song, "You Better Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself."

    I have stunningly agreed with most of what the Stiff One has said

    I'm going to go lie down, as I'm not feeling very well.

    When both ends of the spectrum agree, it's time for the pink glasses wearing fans to take 'em off and see the reality, even if it hurts.

    I guess we can hope that Bradley just forces his way into the line-up, Iggy amazes with his defense, and we come out of the gates winning and winning to the point where they can't "go back" when Drew and Papi return.

    Even then, I doubt many will see the mistake made in signing Victorino, Dempster and Drew (at least 2 of the 3 anyway).


    I would not have signed any of the three either.  I also would not have given Papi more than a one year $12 mil. TOPS!  He was likely worth about 7 - 8 on the market???


    That does not change the calculus on JBJ!  The kid should stay and play.  You have to admit, with JBJ in the OF, it makes the 3SUM (you can't say thrreasum on BDC???) look pretty good :)  I'm not big on Gomes, but I'd be happy with him as the DH for a while, at least until Papi comes back for a few games in ......  June????

    I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with the Stiff One!  Even a broken clock....


    I can see your point on Papi, but it's hard to argue too much against the greatest clutch hero the Sox have had in my lifetime.


    Bradley has to play (except for 12 days sometime-somwhere in the season). It's insane to think otherwise. Now, we need to act quickly to find a landing spot for Ellsbury, and I know how much you don't want it to be LF.

    There's no way Bradley should play anywhere but CF. End of that discussion- seriously folks.


    Although it would constitute a major "dis," I would consider sticking Ells in RF.  My only reservation would be knocking down his trade value.  I would certainly consider moving JBJ to CF???  Big move, but one worth considering.  Ells, JBJ, & V in our OF would constitute a very potent O & D outfield.  :)


    If the SR lives up to it's potential, this team could have some post season potential!  Lester & Buch are looking great.  Douby, if he can be stretched out to last the full season could be a decent #3 / 4, winning 12 - 14.   Even Lackey is looking half decent.  10 - 12 wins are realistic.  Dempster???  10+ if our bats have his back.  Buch & Lester are both capable of winning 15 - 20.

    The Sox need to make this move and give it a go!  Besides the D, JBJ would give this liveup real life!


    Ellsbury doesn't have the arm for RF. Seriously, his arm is the weakest part of his game. I could see him in left but not right, especially when you have Victorino in right who has an actual cannon for an arm.


    ooops!  1:10 a.m. pst   Left field, not Right....  delirious ...... late night working 

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    Re: The White Flag is Up!

    In response to michaelsjr's comment:

    Just can't for the life of me understand in this day and age of technology why my area cannot get access to televised Red Sox games other than the few carried by major networks.  Have Dish and have called about it but no can do.   I don't want to watch games on a stinking little iphone5 or even on the iPad.  I want them on my bigass TV.

    Can you not get Direct TV.....  You get almost all the games.  Add the sports pack, and you get loads of sports channels nation wide.

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    Re: The White Flag is Up!

    Thanks to all for the suggestions.  Will call DirectTV tomorrow to inquire if the games are available in my area.  If so, the switch is on.  Been with Dish for years, got their sports pkg, but cant get NESN broadcasts.