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    This is classic

    "It's hard on all of us," Cherington told reporters. "When the manager is in the middle of it every day and he's the one who has to answer the questions after the game every day, it's hard. When things aren't going well, that's hard. I feel for him. I'm sure, at times, frustration comes out. The truth is that he's working with a roster, some of which is we're finding out about guys. It's not as easy to write out the lineup as he thought it might be in spring training.

    "That would be frustrating for anyone. Part of it is frustration boiling over when you're sort of the focal point of that and you have to answer the questions after the game. I don't know how I'd react if I was in that position. I've never done it. I can imagine it's tough."

    Does Cherington not realize that he is the one that created this situation? Is he really that stupid or does he know exactly what he has done?
    This poster feels that BC has deliberately thrown BV under the bus, doing whatever it takes to send him packing. He never wanted Valentine and has manipulated the situation to where he takes none of the blame. As a matter of fact, he looks like a hero by shedding shedding all that payroll. so what if we lost our most productive hitter, we got rid of Beckett and Crawford.

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    Re: This is classic

    Not sure I agree, harv53.  It's hard on everyone--owner, Pres, VP, GM, manager, and especially the players.  As for who to blame, I think Theo gets more blame than Ben C. 
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    Re: This is classic

    Of course its easy to Blame Theo because he is not here. They are never going to blame Henry or Larry Luchinno, or even Young Ben for this fiasco. A lot of it is Theo but Ben's deals have been pretty questionable as well.

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    Re: This is classic

    It has been a shocking fall for this ballclub over the past 12 months. There is plenty of blame to go around.  The challenge now is who to keep, who to get rid of , and how to spend  the freed-up money.   Most Sox fans do not have the patience for a long rebuilding process.  Should be a very interesting off season.