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    Re: This isn't your dads Red Sox team or is it?

    Farrell's misdirection was nothing more than opsec, a smart policy.  Ortiz should have kept his mouth shut. 

    Lackey is absolutely right he needed an out.  What he forgot to mention was the Rays were hitting him hard when Farrell wisely pulled him with one man out in the 5th inning and down 5-3 with a man on second (who did not score). 

    The trop helped the Rays, but the Rays also helped themselves with enough hitting plus excellent pitching after the 1st inning.  The Sox continue to struggle against lefty starters and to struggle, period. 

    The Henry era in Boston changed things for the better.  The sold out streak was for the most part earned by putting good teams on the field year after year.  Then a downturn culminating in a disastrous September 2011 followed by a terrible 2012, but this year things have been looking up until this latest streak of bad games. 

    Right now the Sox aren't hitting with any consistency, and their pitching is not good enough to carry them.  But overall this is still be the best era in Sox history--or at least back to 1949 when I first started tracking the Sox and Ted Williams in the box scores. 

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