Thoughts & Thanks From A Past Poster On The 2013 World Champs !!

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    Thoughts & Thanks From A Past Poster On The 2013 World Champs !!

      First off, I Always Knew Farrell Was A Terrible Pitching Coach But,  He is Certainly one of the Greatest Managers the Red Sox have had or are likely to have again for a very long time, Extend Him Imediately !! Any Manager that can keep me off these boards for an ENTIRE SEASON Deserves manager of the year and should be a slam dunk to get it !! The best move all season was inserting Koji as the closer !! His greatest attribute was knowing when the starter was done and getting him out of the game. Thank You John !!

    This team was a total joy to watch all season with Koji, the "Anti Papelbon", leading the way !! His obvious love of the game and the fun he was having made me feel like a kid again. If "Death Stare" was half as good as Koji was this season he would be twice as good as he thinks he is !! Koji, Change your jersey number next season to 1 2 3 ... Thank You Koji !!

    Thank You Jose Inglesias for having an unbelieveable beginning to the Year and Thank You Ben for knowing when to let Him go !! While I'm thanking Ben let me give a gigantic, well appreciated, and long overdue thank you for starting this Championship Run last season by jettisoning the poison from 2011. 

    A Big Thank You Goes To  Dustin for showing me that there are still a few players in the game that don't have to set standards for pay at their respective positions and show their gratitude to both organization and fans by signing resonable contracts. 

    Another Big Thank You for Daniel Nava for his team first attitude and not making a scene as his playing time dimished although he was the #8 hitter and top 3 outfielders in the league this season. Goes to show you that a $1.00 can still go a long way in this country !!

     I would thank each Player on the team and each person in the organization individually for a season that has brought me this much joy all year but that would take to long ( and I don't know all the names). They ceratinly all deserve it so let me just Say, with all my heart... 

    THANK YOU !!



    P.S. I am so happy I renewed the Baseball package this past season, best money I've spent in years !!

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