Tigers signing Torii Hunter

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    Re: Tigers signing Torii Hunter

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    Fergy Jenkins is big loser too.

    If I were Hunter, Ben would have had to include daily deliveries from Camden, ME for my lobster sandwiches.  Grafanino's I think it is...the best anywhere.

    Please don't bring up Grafanino...if that ball didn't go through his legs in 2005... :-)

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    Re: Tigers signing Torii Hunter

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    26mm for 2 years is too much!!


    Guess Ross will use that leverage to have Boston to try to sign him!!


    Hunter is worth every penny. But why have filet minon when you can have ground beef, right?

    Ive always said a players worth is a direct result of a teams needs. The Tigers needed a guy like Hunter to put them over the edge and he needs a team like the Tigers that will probably be in the mix the next 2 years. Good deal for both parties. Great fit for what they both want and need.

    That's exactly what FA is for - to supplement your team when most of the other pieces are already in place.  That's why it's a better fit for the Tigers.  The Red Sox have too many pieces missing.  I was kinda hopin' (maybe more like dreamin' now) that the Sox could acquire Hunter, Ross, and maybe Napoli on short-term contracts that wouldn't bog them down for the long-haul when their prospects mature.  Oh, well.  Next year ain't lookin' too good right now unless they want to deal top prospects.  In that case, I'd rather wait, although it's lookin' like I may withhold my mlb.com subscription for another year.  I can find better things to do with my time then watch Daniel Nava and read angry rants from the likes of Bill0, Geo, and andrewbitch.

    BINGO! That is what exactly Free Agency is. You sign a guy to supplement in the weak positon, till the guys in the Minors are ready.
    This buying players just shows how bad the Sox Drafted. (Actually Epstein) Actually what I meant is Talent Evaluations, for the Draft. This you cannot get from Bill James, you need experience, probably Former Ballplayers that have an eye for Talent. From  07,08 till now, there should be a steady stream of Players ready for the Major League level, so Sox would not have to be in the position that they are right now.

    5 Positions that are Open.  1b, SS, LF, RF, and a Dominant Starter.

    I thought Theo drafted pretty good. Maybe the players he drafted didnt make it to MLB as quickly as he thought, but he still drafted a number of quality players.