In Response to Re: Tim Wakefield Still Awaiting Red Sox Contract Offer:
Someone made the point about having to owe a player something for service. I never have felt that way. I've always looked at is as if the guy is performing well enough, let him continue as a Sox, or if a guy really has been an asset for the team, please keep said player (Jason Bay at the time, Derek Lowe, Johnny Damon, Adrian Beltre, Manny re-upping immediately in offseason following 07 title win which started the Manny nonsense, to name a few). With that said, that is not the reason I would want him to be a Sox---the team owes, no way. I didn't think he pitched well enough down the stretch, and I gave my reasons, including one of the worst catchers he's ever thrown to--Saltalamacchia, who clearly quit as a defender because of fatigue latter part of year. If you can't rely on your catcher to stop the ball, it leads to 4-out innings and guys running around the bases. If you have a catcher who can catch Tim, it's a different story. So, don't make assumptions as to how I feel based on how I defend players or support players. I understand the game enough to know where things stand for guys late in their careers. Tim is at his end in Boston, but may have one or two more years if effective in the NL for a team like the Padres or even his old team--the Pirates. That is also not to say, he wouldn't help the 2012 Sox. The decision, to me, has been made on him based on the car-load of clowncar pitchers signed up for ST. I prefer to compliment this Sox hero, rather than throw him under a bus.
Posted by dannycater

you think Wakefield has TWO YEARS LEFT in MLB????

seriously, the most idiotic comment I have read in maybe two years...congrats