Time for some small ball.........

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    Trot, as much as I loved him, was no better on the field than Kalish can be...let's be honest. He was one of our favorite guys, but as far as actual production goes, he's no better than most average OFs. Mueller pretty much equates to Pedey. Tek never had the big time offensive potential/streaks Salty has either. We don't know what Middlebrooks or Lavarnway or some others could become as far as power and/or big game guys (I think Middlebrooks is already starting to get there).

    There won't be a combo of Lavarnway/Middlebrooks/Gonzalez that will duplicate the power Papi and Manny put up either of those years...but that doesn't matter. That is all relative. Nobody is going to duplicate that power now that 'roids are pretty much gone. What you have to look at is their production compared to the rest of the league at that time. It's highly unlikely that Gonzo is going to stay so low in the power numbers again next year...he's also crunching doubles. HRs aren't everything. And Middlebrooks is the real deal. If Lavarnway winds up producing like he's projected to, the three will more than make up for it.

    There are two things you say that I completely agree with though. For years this team has left entirely way too many runners on the bases. Middlebrooks has been pretty good at getting timely hits, and there's been a bunch scattered throughout the rest of the team, but it's not enough. That's also typical of a team that relies on the long ball. If you're hitting them out all the time, then you cover it up. But if they're staying in the yard, you wind up with lots of popouts, ground outs and stranded runners. The Yankees are a perfect example this year. They're leaving tons of runners on. The difference is, the timeliness of their hitting.
    And the best point you've made is the lack of leadership. There's absolutely none on this team. The one thing they need is a rally point. In 04, it was Millar. He was goofy, he wasn't the best player on the team, but he got them all to chill out and play. In 07 it was Lowell and Tek. Last year it all went away...and there's absolutely none this year. This team needs Pedroia to step up, and be a leader. He's always been a spark plug that led by example...but he has to become that captain type guy I think we all feel he can be.
    Lester also needs to step up. I think that with Beckett gone, he'd be able to finally just step up and be the Alpha Dog. If not, I think that they need to go out and get a guy who will. I also think that's a big trait they need to be looking for in whoever winds up being the right fielder. I can deal with very average stats if the guy is able to rally everyone around him.
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    Re: Time for some small ball.........

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    In response to "Re: Time for some small ball.........": Really? Seems like it's been worse than that.
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    BB is fairly objective.  There really isn't much room for 'seems'.
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    Re: Time for some small ball.........

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    The Sox also are at or near the top of runs scored in MLB. Yet, their team average with 2 outs and runners in scoring position is .240. That they have such an abysmal record in extra inning and one run games, tells you that coming up with the clutch hit, isn't happening. Number of runs scored is skewed, because of blowouts, and not an accurate statistic.
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    Couldn't have stated it better.