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Time for the Amazingly Stupid Charges to Stop...

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    Re: Time for the Amazingly Stupid Charges to Stop...

    Forget carping about religion - the objection to Gonzalez's remarks were that they implied that the RS were not in control of the outcome of the season.  In other words, we did ALL WE COULD - it wasn't in the cards.

    The truth was plainly otherwise.

    So, it's excuse-making. 

    There are many ways to lead.  You can do it quietly, by example.  You can set tone.  You can be Don Baylor and have a helluva kangaroo court. 

    But you never, ever lead by making excuses. 

    When you are the best player with the biggest contract, you are a leader, whether or not you or the fans or the man on the moon wish you to be or not.

    Maybe you don't talk much, but you Do. Not. Make. Excuses.  Adrian could have shown leadership by simply not doing that.  But he took the opportunity.  That's not the mindset of a champion.

    Carl Crawford did not make excuses, nor did Jonathan Papelbon, nor did Pedroia.  They are leaders. 

    Am I glad Gonzalez is on the team?  It's okay ... but I am only happy when we have a chance to win, and/or have died trying.

    Neither happened this year, and he's part of that.

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    Re: Time for the Amazingly Stupid Charges to Stop...

    AGon was Theo's greatest achievement as a GM. I think AGon will be the face of this franchise for the next 6-8 years. I think this whole finger pointing article is a little blown out of proportion. It re-iterated how this season went with a couple of dumb, blown-up side stories. I don't care about what Tito was going through, or that John lackey was banging 7 gram rocks in the club-house. The sox had a big collapse and the whole team is to blame. The guys upstairs need to re-evaluate this team, do what they can to get rid of the trouble players and then go out and get a manager and sign players who are winners. If that means trading players away and eating contracts that what you got to do.

    The sox have a great core group of guys (Ells, Pedroia, Gonzo, Crawford) ((Yes I said Crawford, he will have a big year next year)). The formula for this year didn;t work, but we can turn it around next season. We have the talent to win, we proved that in July, we just need the right role players to help us suceed. We need to build a clubhouse similar to the Patriots where leaders lead by example and a manager we can rally around. (Maddon???)