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Time to let Wakefeild go!

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    Re: Time to let Wakefeild go!

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    He had 6 chances to get it done.  Miller has taken over the #5 spot.  Sorry Tim, this team is trying to win the division and having you in the rotation hurts those chances.
    Posted by SoxPatsCelts1988

    Miller or Aceves could be capable of pitching six effective innings next season in a starting role.  I wasn't very impressed with Weiland but he only pitched a couple games so it was difficult to judge.  If we choose to resign Bedard "even better" but at this point there are better options than Wake next season.  If we choose to Keep Wake I can live with it but he may just retire after hitting 200.
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    Re: Time to let Wakefeild go!

    There are certainly many better options than Wake for next year, but at what cost? Even 5/6 slot pitchers are costly.
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    Re: Time to let Wakefeild go!

    I just another arm chair manager/GM like the rest of us are.

    Softlaw resents that! I am a professional! Speak for yourself!

    Now, Wakefield's sample size isn't one game. It's a 5 plus ERA for over 2 years.]

    Weiland's sample size is too small, with one bad start casued by O's bean ball distraction and the other start being quite good.

    Moonslow is the same poster who claimed Miller belongs in the pen and Wakefield should be starting. That was wrong because Miller needs a bigger sample size than a handful of starts. Miller is in his 20's, Wakefield is in his middle 40's. Had they not gone to a 6 man rotation we would not have been able to see the potential talent of Miller shine. Still, we have had to suffer through the ugliness of booster seat Wakefield and his "one wild pitch, on hit batter, one "passed ball" and one or two homer launches. Wakefield has no business on the active roster taking innings experienc and opportunity away from youth. It's all about this personal record and PR team record nonsense! Youk was gracious in saying he would never feel bad about stepping aside for a younger talent to get an opportunity he got (and would have no bad feelings if he was traded and finished his career in Ohio or elsewhere), but Wakefield has complained about it for years.

    Since management won't give up the Wakefield booster seat to reach PR "record" nonsense, pray that they do the Wakefield in the 5th during blowout to get 200 wins and end this fiasco! Retire Wakefield with a September "Thank you Tim Wakefield Day, Red Sox fans love you and kept you around too long because of silly emotion". If he refuses, release him!

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    Re: Time to let Wakefeild go!

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    At this point IMHO I think the one and only reason the Sox are throwing Wake out there is to get that 200th win. I don't think he would be in the rotation otherwise. I was not surprised by that performance last night with a warm and humid night at Fenway. Most analysts are saying that it may be time to put this 200th win thing to bed. After all the Sox are fighting for 1st place. I say bring Wake back next year until he gets the win and have an agreement with him that he will retire after that. Enough is enough!!
    Posted by paesan59


    I'm not sure I can understand your reasoning. With a pennant race at stake the Red Sox wouldn't just put Wakefield out there to get to 200 wins. Sorry but there is nologic in what you're suggesting. 
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    Re: Time to let Wakefeild go!

    paesan59, you are correct. Pete is an emotional sap.