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Time to move on from Jenks

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    Re: Time to move on from Jenks

    In Response to Re: Time to move on from Jenks:
    In Response to Re: Time to move on from Jenks : They won the game and Tito got to see how Jenks would respond in back-to-back performances. In that regard it worked. Your complaint seems to be that what did not happen, could have happened and even though it didn't happen it was an awful decision. Facts are Francona got what he needed to and won the game. Scoreboard says it worked, style points aside. Now you are right that Papelbon did not need rest at all. Point taken. OTOH Francona can't predict when he will have two back-to-back low leverage situations to use Jenks in again. I am not saying this is your tact but it surprises me how often Francona's detractors point to his mistakes in victory and his inability to predict his player's failures in losses. Back to Jenks, his profile suggests that if the RS can get him on track they are a way better BP than they are with him relegated to low leverage situations, where many "adrenaline" pitchers don't do as well.
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    To clarify for others, Jenks didn't pitch in back-to-back games.
    He pitched in the first and then the final game of the series.

    The best way to critique a pitcher is not through generalities, but by form. And in this respect, I agree with you in that Tito wanted to see how Jenks would improve, if at all, off his other appearance. 

    In his first game, he hit 96-97, allowing a hit and a BB in a credible inning. 
    He had decent stuff in his last outing, but he airmailed a breaking pitch that seemed to hang in Howard's eyes forever.

    This has been the enigma with Jenks. His velocity should allow him room for error.
    You wouldn't think he'd have to be so pinpoint. My guess is, his heat is really straight, and easy for hitters to pick up. His mistakes are hammered as a result. The hope is, his glaring mistakes are the result of rust. But if the inconsistencies continue with a more regulated work regime, he'll be in an innings-eating janitorial role, and the team will have to either replace his intended role, possibly with Miller come the time, or via a trade.
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    Re: Time to move on from Jenks

    Kevin Millar was on Weei talking to merloni, and spoke about jenks and a closers mentality in a non-closer role. Some here should take a listen.
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    Re: Time to move on from Jenks

    Intensity affects concentration and energy levels.
    Is it the reason for Jenk's incessant mistakes?
    Hanging one pitch after another is the by-product of inconsistent mechanics.
    But that could also be lack of concentration.

    However, Jenks has actually been more effective in low-leverage situations.
    Hitters hit .405 agianst him in mid/high leverage situations, but only .261 in low-leverage ones.

    That's why I think it's a matter of rust and repetition of delivery.