It is clear that the current makeup of this team isn't going to turn it around this year.  A healthy Ellsbury, Crawford and Pedey will help, but in reality the offense can only go so far.  The current "anchors" on the staff are really letting this team down. 

With the negative press that came out of last season one would think Beckett and Lester would have come out more motivated than ever to perform - not happening.  I am not sure what would make anyone believe these two are going to turn it around the second half of the season.  And, without these two performing, the Sox have absolutely no chance to make any noise the 2nd half or in a playoff series.

It is time to shop the majority of this team - shave payroll and go after young, close to MLB ready talent.  These guys should be shopped:

1.  Beckett - still has value to other teams in playoff contention, change of scenery needed, has a contract that isn't horrible for an acquiring team - most likely an NL team.  He could bring a good return of talent - at least one starter ready in a year or two.

2.  Lester - love the guy, has great potential, but he just seems to lack the mental makeup it takes to perform in Boston.  Could he be the centerpiece of a deal for Felix?  He would be the one guy that would keep their fanbase from revolting.  Either way, he too has the contract and ability to make contenders throw a lot at Sox.  He could bring incredible talent in return - a young MLB ready starter and then some.

3.  Ellsbury - would have to show something quickly in his return.  Probably not going to go this season.

4.  Salty and Shoppach - best catcher right now is in AAA.

5.  Aviles - utility would have great value for contender - stock never been higher

6.  Sweeney

7.  Anyone in the bullpen.