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One really needs to do both observational analysis (watching every inning of every game) and advanced statistical analysis.  The folks who watch their 3 games a week and then look at averages will never get the entire story and will therefore, be grossly mislead. I am not saying their offense was bad but it wasn't as good as most made it out to be.  And the pitching, was just horrible.  Sure some ERA's were good but that again, that's an AVERAGE.
Posted by andrewmitch

Which is exactly the point.  The pitching was horrible.  And people are on here blaming the offense.  It is bizarre.

By the way are you saying people watching three games a week is not enough? I have been following the Red Sox for 30 years. I like to eat out, go out drinking and bang my girlfriend. I don't think that makes me less of a fan.

My point is simple. If the Red Sox offense wasn't the best whose was better?  And by your reasoning how would you know they were better if you didn't watch all of their games?

The pitching was horrible.  The offense was really quite good.  Obviously if the pitching was as good as the offense they would have won 5 to 10 more games. and none of us would be having this conversation right now.