To D H or no D H .............

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    Re: To D H or no D H .............

    I never liked the DH rule.


    The main reason it came abnout was to boost run scoring and therefore attendance.

    Today, advocates typiocally say they like it because it's "boring" to have to watch a pitcher at bat.

    To me, it's always been just the opposite.  It's boring to watch hitter after hitter after hitter.

    I like to see the strategies that managers have to use to deal with it, such as some have already mentioned.  That's anything but boring.

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    Re: To D H or no D H .............

    I hate watching pitchers hit. 

    I see no perfect solution.

    Just leave it like it is.

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    Re: To D H or no D H .............

    In response to tetonman50's comment:

    The DH issuse to me this year seems even bigger than normal.  In any case I was thinking that in addition to the home field advantage maybe which ever league wins the All Star Game also get's the DH or no DH rule all series too.   Now there really would be a really good reason to play that game hard.

    Having said that I'm a fan of baseball the way it should be played with the pitcher hitting and all the additional moves that brings into the game.  

    I agree---in my mind the team with the best overall record gets Home field throughout the playoffs and WS. That should be a given.

    Throw in that the League winner of the AS Game gets to choose between DH or No DH home and away for the series. There might be some old time baseball play during the AS Game.

    It's hardly fair that we have Nap protecting Ortiz for the entire season and now 1/2 of our power surge is out of the lineup.

    Craig, when healthy, is probably a very good defensive player. Can you imagine him as a DH, healthy or not, batting four times a game. I think the Sox could find a place for him in their lineup for 162 games.

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    Re: To D H or no D H .............

    There is absolutely no reason not to have the DH in the National League.

    For the "purists", how many times do you say that you are buying a ticket to a game or not go the fridge in order to watch the pitcher bat?  How many times do you pay to watch a manager make the oh-so-awsome "double switch"?

    The National League is the only league in professional baseball to not have the DH.  Older and being more stubborn does not make for better decision making in this case.  

    National League teams have DH guys playing throughout their minor league programs so if getting guys ready for not having the DH was so important why don't they practice it on their minor league teams.

    Time for the DH to join the National League!  No one cares to see a "good hitting" pitcher hit .140 where they might pay to see a guy like David Ortiz hit night after night.

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    Re: To D H or no D H .............

    Heres a thought.

    If both teams had no DH, should they eliminate the DH in the minor league systems as well?

    A guy like our 7th round draft pick Trey Ball would probably have been the #1 pick in the entire draft in that world.  Although I think I just thought of the answer to my own question as I'm typing this.  Organizations must like having the DH to get extra at-bats for players developing because after all it is the position players that will contribute to the offense everyday. 

    So I suppose that would never happen, but it would be pretty exciting if there were pitchers out there who could put up lines above .250 and hit 8-10 HR's a year.