Too Late for Lohse?

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    Re: Too Late for Lohse?

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    Sorry people but we are not getting Lohse. Unless he comes to the team for nothing Larry "the Bean Counter" is never going to allow that to happen. This team is in cheapo mode and they are not going to spend big money on free agents. Ben, Larry likes his coffe light and sweet, off you go!


    The Sox don't have a rotation spot for him anyway.


    AL34 never made much sense with this post anyway, since we are already probably #3 in payroll.

    1-Dangerous at his age for those years.

    2-A definitely buy-high candidate.  One year AS, and one year with CY votes.

    3-The biggest thing, imho, is that he not a big enough upgrade for the money.  You'd basically be spending $10M and a draft pick to start Lohse over Lackey.  If we were looking at a Cook-type #5, then Lohse would have a lot more appeal.

    4-One of the biggest issues we've had in recent years is no payroll flexibility at the trade deadline.  I'd prefer to pocket the money and see if we suffer any injuries.

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    Re: Too Late for Lohse?

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    I think the draft pick is more of an issue than the money.


    Not so much the draft pick, but the slot money.  Higher draft picks represent a larger portion of the slot budget.  Notice only one team with a protected pick signed any free agents with a qualifying offer, and that team (Cleveland) signed two (Bourn and Swisher).


    This helps Boston slightly because Cleveland picks just in front of Boston and is less likely now to draft a Boras bank-breaking client for signability reasons.


    I do not mind the Sox just keeping the draft budget this year since there were only a couple names even worth thinking about, and those guys all got insane contracts that far exceed their abilities...


    I almost said that, but I was trying to keep it simple for AL34. :-)


    I admit keeping it simple for me would have been fine ... but you guys are causing me to have to learn stuff I wasn't even close to being aware of ....

       There sure is a lot more to this game than just the stuff on the diamond ...