Top Ten Prospects.

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    Top Ten Prospects.


    nice article on the Sox top 10 prospects going into the offseason.  Overall it was a great year for the system.  2013 saw our top prospect rise to not just our top prospect but one of the top in all the game and a promising young star in baseball.  We also saw the likes of some players recovering and rising their stock back up such as Anthony Ranaudo.  Then there were others who may have started off slow but finished strong; players such as Matt Barnes.  The System also saw a few player slingshot up the rankings seemingly from nowhere and putting themselves on the map (Mookie Betts, Luis Diaz).

    It was also an interesting year for some international talent in the lower leves.  Guys such as Manuel Margot, Wendell Rijo, and Daniel McGrath are putting themselves on the map.  It was also a year in which the Sox added it's highest slot draft pick in about 2 decades and used it to draft a young pitching prospect with a very high ceiling.  

    All in was a good year. 

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    Re: Top Ten Prospects.

    The future is bright for sure.

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    Re: Top Ten Prospects.

    I wish to see a bright Oct/13 future... Concerned about layoff, final roster, middle bullpen... Would love to worry about next decade after a winning parade... Go Sox!

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    Re: Top Ten Prospects.

    1. Xander Bogaerts (20) [+] 


    2. Jackie Bradley, Jr. (23) 

    3. Garin Cecchini (22) 

    4. Henry Owens (21) 

    5. Matt Barnes (23) 


    6. Anthony Ranaudo (24) 

    7. Allen Webster (23) 

    8. Blake Swihart (21) 

    9. Trey Ball (19) 

    10. Mookie Betts (20)