Trade for Hanley Ramirez!

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    Re: Trade for Hanley Ramirez!

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    In Response to Re: Trade for Hanley Ramirez! : Along with being a mediocre shortstop, his bat is overrated too.  I don't get the colllective Sox fan hard on for this guy.
    Posted by SpacemanEephus

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    Re: Trade for Hanley Ramirez!

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    28 years old and Ross is .912, not .921. My major selling point is that Hanley fits a major short and long term need, and also is a elite talent over the full offensive skillset. Ross is not. Lowrie hasn't finished a season, ever, and can do nothing else adequately. And for the begging Marlin fan, the Marlins are in fact soliciting trade offers for Hanley, as I said they would. Finding a deal that suits both parties is not a guarantee, but Hanley's days in Miami are running out. If not this winter, it won't be long. Trying to back load and win and then trade and sell is a product of a lousy baseball market that Florida will always be. The current moves are designed to sell tickets for the new livining room and pay debt, but it won't be long before the obvious sale will follow. 
    Posted by hankwilliams

    OK, .912.  so his OPS is a whopping 8 points lower, since Hanley's is actually .920.  Ross actually outslugs Hanley vs LHP, but Hanley gets on base more.  Still, prety even numbers.

    I'm not saying Ross is anywhere as good as Hanlwy.  Just don't oversell the OPS vs. LHP as the end all be all.   Especially since the Sox actually had the second highest OPS in the majors vs LHP.

    Also, second most RBI, for those of you who don't like sabermetrics and prefer your stats pre-2000.
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    Re: Trade for Hanley Ramirez!

    Boston doesnt match up with them all that well.   It would take a package that starts with Middlebrooks, Ranuado, Dubront to even keep the Miami GM on the phone and other teams have better major league ready talent to offer them.  Right now I am just not that high on the RS system to be able to get a good return.

    Players that will not be coming to Boston:
    Gio Gonzalez
    Hanely Ramirez
    Andrew Bailey
    John Danks
    Gavin Floyd

    Those teams are asking way to much and the RS can not deplete their system for after the trade for Gonzalez last season.

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    Re: Trade for Hanley Ramirez!

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    Marlins are making a serious run at 2012...they are loading up on talent and have no intention of trading away their best bat. I would not be surprised if they shop Hanley NEXT winter....but not this year.  Even if it was plausible they would likely want MLB ready talent by why would we trade away an Ellsbury/Youkilis etc etc when the most pressing concern for this team is PITCHING. Florida doesn't have a clear cut center fielder (I believe) so hypothetically it could be a fit, but I feel Miami is confident that Emilio Bonifacio could lock down the position, amongst other young talent.  I also still consider Miami a big candidate to land Cespeds, seeing how their is a large Cuban market in Miami. Regardless I think my point is not what we should, could or would do....but what Miami is doing.  I highly doubt they trade away any talent this offseason....they are in fullblown buy a championship mode.
    Posted by ctredsoxfanhugh

    They will only shop him next winter if he fails as a leader, fails as a third-baseman, and his offensive numbers do not return to pre 2011.

    Otherwise he is there to stay so long as the team plans on continuing its high payroll. Had they signed Pujols that may have changed things but now they can use half that money to ink Hanley to a big contract. They will use 2012 to see how Hanley responds.

    Believe me if he does not perform and continues to be a liability with his attitude than the last thing you will want is for Boston to re-acquire him.

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    Re: Trade for Hanley Ramirez!

    no No NO!