Two gigantic errors by Iglesias when it counts

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    Re: Two gigantic errors by Iglesias when it counts

    I only started this thread because Drew was so maligned--by some, not all--before the ALCS.  Iggy was the nonpareil SS and Drew was marginal at best. 

    So let's forget the errors for now and focus on double plays.  Would it surprise any of the Drew bashers and/or Iggy boosters to know that in the postseason Iggy was in on 2 double plays and Drew was part of 11?  The 2 were absolutely not Iggy's fault--the hitter is a key element in getting a double play ball.  But the 11 demonstrate why Farrell was smart to stay with Drew for all four ALDS and all six ALCS games.  Drew was/is not flashy, but solid.  Iglesias is flashy/brilliant, but not always solid. 

    I think the odds are in favor of Iggy being a mainstay for the Tigers, but will know for sure next year.  He is brilliant at SS, sometimes worth the price of admission just to see him.  But hitting and pitching are mostly what win games. 


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    Re: Two gigantic errors by Iglesias when it counts

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    I know fans want to gloat to the anti-Peavy crowwd about those errors, but realy, Iglesias is a very good defender and even very good defenders make errors.


    If the Tigers never acquired him and had Peralta at shorstop, neither of those balls is an error.  Both are clean singles to the outfield....

    Very good. Absolutely true. 

    No, that's not true at all, any shortstop gets to the ball hit by Ells, and most at least get a glove on the first one that he threw away for an error.  It had been better for him and the Tigers if the latter went into left for a single.

    I was nit referring to "any shortstop."  I wss referring to Jhonny Peralta and his lack of range.  Heck, Detroit utiltyinfielder Ramon Santiago pprobably gets to  both.

    Iglesias did have a great defensive series that will always be marred by two plays.

    Iglesias did have a hreat

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