After watching the early games of the season and comparing called balls and strikes, I say NO. The umpire's association would have us believe that calling accuracy is very high when compared against PitchFX, but I'm not seeing it, particularly when considering close pitches and important game situations.

While strike calling accuracy is likely better than ever, I'm not sure that it will markedly improve without significant changes in several respects.

This is far too large an area of discussion for a single topic, so I'm proposing three:

Improving the umpires

A greater role for PitchFX

Fixing the strike zone

Some say that irregular strike zones and calling performances by different umps are an integral part of the game, and that if you couldn't yell about blown calls it wouldn't be baseball. I understand the sentiment but do not agree. I think we've always operated exclusively with umpires because until quite recently that was our only option.

I'd love to see a game where batters and pitchers could operate without defensive swinging and anxiety about where the strike zone was going to be on THIS pitch.