Unresolved roster issues

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    Re: Unresolved roster issues


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    Re: Unresolved roster issues

    In response to Drewski5's comment:

    The Napoli thing will get resolved. Due to the fact that the RS deemed Naps their #1 target and how aggressively they pursued him, I think its clear that they really want him.

    Therefore, they must have saw something real to cause for this.  Well now, the cat is out of the bag, and Naps value/leverage has plummeted.  That being the case, Naps would be wise to agree to whatever kind of injury protection the sox are trying to squeeze in.

    Probably something that either mirrors the JD Drew clause (if Naps has a hip flexor injury that causes him to miss most of either of the first two years, the sox can opt out after year 2) or something like the lackey clause (if Naps has a hip flexor injury that causes him to miss most of the first two years, a fourth year is added at the vet min).

    Im not overly alarmed.  They thought Bay's knees were toast, and Bay's injury/decline had nothing to do with his knees.  They thought JD's shoulder was toast, but he never missed time due to the shoulder.

    I think the most likely scenario is that the deal gets finalized (it may take a while, it took 2 mnts w jd drew) w/ injury protection built in.

    Mike Napoli's status

    McDonald: "Mike Napoli was supposed to have his introductory press conference with the Red Sox late last week, but when he did have his physical, there were some issues that the Red Sox found. Both sides are trying to work on that, to get that straightened out ... but GM Ben Cherington's confident that that will get done, and he will be in a Red Sox uniform very soon."

    looks like they will get it done...i want napoli on this team.

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    Re: Unresolved roster issues

    In response to jb12bb's comment:

    With the Napoli deal on hold, there is a big gap at 1B.  I think regardless of Napoli, the RS need to go after Swisher.  He can fill in at RF, LF and 1B.  He provides the end of the lineup pop they are missing at the moment.

    Another issue is the lack of depth in the rotation at the ML level.  I am not convinced that Dempster, Lackey, Dubront is a suitable end of the rotation.  They need to get another innings eater so the bullpen doesnt have to be taxed by June.

    Morales and Acevas are not starters who can give you 175 innings.  The RS would be foolish to start the year with that rotation.

    The lineup is thin at the end with Iglesias being a light hitting defensive minded SS.  I still like the idea of Asdrubal Cabrera and Justin Masterson on the 2013 RS.  I would not trade Barnes or Webster, but Ranaudo is dealable.  Cleveland needs OF help, Kalish is expendable or maybe Brentz.

    The question is would you accept Ranaudo--I would not until he proves he's healthy. If I am trading away two of my better players I want something very good in return. I want Doubie and Middlebrooks. If you want Doubie and WMB the Sox want Drubal, Master and Chris Perez. 

    Now we are getting to blockbuster: Drubal, Master, Perez and Santana and a prospect for Doubie, WMB, Salty, Ells and Bailey. Deal.

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    Re: Unresolved roster issues

    In response to redsoxpride34's comment:

    ya but the one thing ben c hasnt done is land any big impact players. despite signing napoli and victorino, the sox still have a big hole in the middle of the line up left by adrian gonzalez. we also need a front of the rotation starter to replace beckett. And i really hope the sox arent planning on starting johnny gomes. as an outfiled of ellsbury victorino gomes is pretty weak. not to mention that gomes is a terrible rielder. Ben has filled some holes, but he still has a big move or two to make if this team is going to compete. the jays have added reyes, johnson, and now possibly dickey, the rays lost james shields, but added a potential middle of the order bat in will myers, the angels added hamilton. we need an impact bat and an impact pitcher. 

    You mean impact players ..Like Crawford, Gonzalez.  Or any other money hungry useless all about me ,now i can be rich and  Screw my team, my manager, my fans Type of player ??? Yes Sox should go all out and find that guy.  He would surely be an impact  ... Thats for sure......

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    Re: Unresolved roster issues

    I think that Gomes is a very underrated acquisition for 2013. He is basically a Cody Ross clone with more of a dead pull swing and MONSTER power agaisnt lefties. He hit 18 home runs AS A 4TH OUTFIELDER, and while playing half his games at the Coliseum!!!!! 17 of them were hit to left field, too, so he will absolutely TEAR UP the monster. I want to see him as AT LEAST a platoon player, if not a full-time starter!!!