update on 1B comparison

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    Re: update on 1B comparison

    If I were a Yankee fan, I would probably defend Teixeira, who was a terrific acquisition for the Yankees--but one I never wanted, to be honest.  With or without a good batting average, he has been key to their lineup, a great run producer. 

    AGon is better than I expected.  Forget his numbers, what I love is that he is so good at going to the opposite field he has sold Ortiz on it.  Ellsbury already did, but now maybe Crawford and especially Drew might go to left now and then. 

    In the 100 yard dash, I think Teixeira, who is not fast, wins by about 30 yards, but that's OK. 
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    Re: update on 1B comparison

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    It is close, but right now, all things considered, you would have to say Gonzalez is having the best season, followed by Cabrera.  Moreland is also having a great year, and his manager decides the final 8 votes, so it is conceivable that Teixeira does not even play in the All-Star game, let alone start.
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    I doubt that a perennial all-star who's on pace to hit 45-50 HRs is NOT going to make the AS Team. Now if he was having an Adam Dunn type year, that would be different.