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Valid Comparison

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    Re: Valid Comparison

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    Nothing better than 104 games of Napoli... who in the hell would think AGON was better? My blood vessels are popping over this.


    Think about how the other 50 games this season that NAPOLI WONT BE IN will unfold? All of a sudden who plays 1st? how does Ortiz fair when the MASHER NAPOLI is not in the line-up for 50 games?


    On and on I could go


    Good Night

    i'm not advocating it... but drew could play 1st base. also lava may be converted to a 1Bman although its doubtful that he would be ready 2/3s into the season. but on the other hand 1B is the easiest position to play...

    Gomez/Jerry Sands are options as well.

    I forgot about Sands - who was the dodgers minor league player of the year in 2010

    I like him better than Napoli - for a variety of reasons



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