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    Re: Valverde

    In response to J-BAY's comment:

    Dont get why most are wishing the worst for Reddick. To validate the trade?? I would get it if he left, (ie Damon) but it wasn't his doing. It's did and done and not playing well won't change it.  Why not wish him the best?

    I wish he was still a member of the Sox. Lead all OF'ers in assists and swings a good bat. Those that are down on him simply lack baseball IQ.

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    Re: Valverde

    In response to Yonkersman's comment:

    I just read the thread and only one poster was trashing Reddick. I thought that Valverde was the topic?

    Don't you mean "someone read the the thread to me"?

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    Re: Valverde

    Well, if the Red Sox had a RF who hit .118, with only 2 hits and 10 strikeouts in a playoff, he'd be run out of town.

    Instead, we have apologists, who only look at the 32 HRs and nothing else. Same people who go into the stats for every other player.

    Bottom line is, Reddick does not hit when it matters. Don't tell me about the roller through the infield the other night. As ever, he had ZERO hits in the playoff with men on base. Yet some posters will be outraged that someone has the temerity to question Reddick's ability to hit in the clutch and do anything at the plate except solo HRs and strike out.

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    Re: Valverde

    Considering Reddick's age he had a good year and may very well have better years ahead of him.