Verlander Megadeal

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    Verlander Megadeal

    One word comes to mind "insane" Look at Santana, with baseball contracts being guaranteed this is just stupidity. Look at the dead money being paid around the league, its ridiculous.  When I was a kid I lived and breathed for the sox . Now It's become my least favorite sport (besides the NBA which is unwatchable)  Owners and the players association have killed it for me. Pretty sad. Go Pats and B's

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    Re: Verlander Megadeal

    In response to BurritoT-'s comment:

    5 years isnt it? seems wiser than the Giants going 9 years with a catcher (see Joe Mauer).

    it's 8 years i think. and i believe they are looking to have Posey get time at 1B too (like Mauer) to conserve his body.