Vintage LESTER! :)

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    Re: Vintage LESTER! :)

    That was not vintage Lester....that was the best game I have seen him pitch...o walks and perfect game stuff. Had command on both sides of the plate and basically just carved up the Jays. Really nice to see and with Buchholz, Dempster and Lackey all looking very good the Sox should resume winning. What to do about Doubrant....I don't know but pitching him every fifth day would not be high on my list.

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    Re: Vintage LESTER! :)

    One hit wonder

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    Re: Vintage LESTER! :)

    In response to trantor's comment:



    6 innings,    3 earned runs, 5 hits

    6 innings,    5 earned runs, 6 hits

    5.2 innings, 3 earned runs, 6 hits

    7 innings, 2 earned runs, 4 hits

    7 innings, 1 earned run,   5 hits.

    9 innings, 0 earned runs, 1 hit


    Sounds like a great season to me.

    Pumpsie sees mediocrity however

    Everyone has an opinion, some like to troll.


    Welcome back Piker trolls....


    Did you forget you already posted on this thread as TV-Guy?  Good job convincing your other selves to come to your defense of NOTHING.  You Don Quixotes just keep tilting at windmills....  A rational mind would give up the ghost.

    I know how confused you get, but the OP was officially welcoming Johnny back from last year's debacle.

    It's clear that hurts your feelingS, but try not taking things personal/s.  no need to wet your panties over these issues.  We'll ask Pumpsie to say things in a way that your people can handle them from now on.

    You and your other personalities have a hard time keeping things straight, but try to keep up!

    We (REAL Red Sox fans) love Lester!  We (real Red Sox fans with ONE identity) realize Johnny got sucked down by a team-wide implosion, led by Beckett & others.  We're (Real Red Sox fans)  ok with facing reality, &  aren't affraid to face the bad with the good.  WE get it. 

    You & the other panti hose wearing personalities living in your head can't deal with reality, so YOU ALL best leave all Red Sox talk to real men.  Those of us from Boston never shrink away from a good debate.  We're not affraid to knock our own when absolutely warrented.  So let it go Piket.  ;)