Wait until next year

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    Re: Wait until next year

    a. The A's are not the Rays.  Last year was the first year in a long time that they "smelled like a rose".  And, that had more to do with also-rans (maybe you are familiar with names like  Gomes, Crisp, Drew) than it did with rookies.  They had 2 impact rookie pitchers in Millone and Parker.  OK, thats 2.  Not exactly a youth movement.

    The A's did well because of Drew and his .707 OPS? A .742 OPS from Crisp? A good platoon from Gomes?

    Yeah, they didn't have many rookies, but they did have a lot of young talent: Cespedes (1st year), C Carter, Weeks, and Reddick were all 26 or under. B Moss and his .954 OPS was a big help, though he was 28. The big youth movement was with their staff:

    23 Parker 181 IP

    24 Griffin    82 IP

    25 Milone  190

    25 R Cook  73

    25 T Ross  73

    25 Norberto  52

    23 Straily      39

    24 Anderson 35

    That's 8 of their top 16 innings guys at 25 or younger.


    As for the Rays, they traded their "old man on the staff", 30 year old Shields, but had a very nice young rotation last year:

    26 Price  211

    23 Moore 177

    25 Hellick 177

    24 Cobb    136

    26 WDavis  70

    28 Niemann 38

    23 Archer   23

    25 Doolittle   47

    b. The Rays are awesome.  Best farm, scouting, development and coaching in the majors.  No doubt.  But, outside of absolute studs like David Price and Matt Moore, I think you will find they bring their guys up with about the same schedule as the Sox do.  

    c.  Its apples and oranges.  It is a luxury of rich teams that they do not have to gamble on kids' performance, or worse yet, gamble on stunting development.

    d. you are right, youth infusion is great. 

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    Re: Wait until next year

    In response to BuritoT's comment:

    It seems that all the exciting players will be in the minor leagues for most of the year. We're stuck with the well-traveled veterans who will give us mediocre performances. I can't wait for the top prospects to make it up to Fenway. The Sox are a cautious organization. Sometimes you need that rookie to bring excitement to the team.

    Why are they "exciting" to begin with?  It's because we fantasize about them, just like we fantasize about beautiful, unavailable women.  It's just not a sexual thing (maybe for some, I don't know).  "Mediocre performances" may be another way of saying that we are familiar with the limits of what these players produce, so they are just not that exciting to us anymore, just like people get bored with their familiar spouses and partners once they are always available to us.  

    The likelihood is that these players will get their shot when either: 1. They earn it.  2. There is an injury and they're the best replacement option.  If the player on the roster is holding them back because of solid performance, then that's a good problem to have.

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    Re: Wait until next year

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    What's our SP rotation would look like in 2014 now that Webster and Rubby seem ready to contribute. Should Ben consider trading Lester for near ML ready top bats? If Ben ever decides to trade Lester, I hope he finds partner fom the national league.. 


    Not a good idea at all. I doubt if you remember Sparky Lyle for Danny Cater, but I bet you remember Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena.



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    Re: Wait until next year

    Had we traded Ellsbury for Bauer and signed Mccarthy and/or Marcum (or maybe even A Sanchez), then I'd have traded Lester for Myers.