In Response to Re: Wake wins 200th. Stops the slide. Sox up by 4 games over Rays.:
In Response to Re: Wake wins 200th. Stops the slide. Sox up by 4 games over Rays. : Another excellent post, in perspective of what Wake has done for the Sox. I'll confess that I DO take issue with a certain Soft-headed one who has spent the past couple of weeks not only denigrating what Wake has accoomplished but also attempting to destroy Wake's character.  There's plenty of room in my life for differences of opinion and differing interpretations of how a player's numbers have (or have not) helped a team, but denigrating Wake's character is inherently wrong and speaks more to the person doing the posting than it does to Wake. I long ago started giving Softhead's post the weight they deserve (none) and I urge others to do the same.   
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I didn't think you could top UR initial post here as it really put Wake's contributions in perspective, but this statement says a great deal. Wake represents something to Softone that makes "Wastefield" a target of his venom.

His character assassination is disturbing...but not surprising in that it stems from a poster who has no character on this board.

Knuckle-ballers are a different and rare breed. Those who understand the nature of the pitch and the ability to throw it at advanced age acknowledge his value and accept the erratic behavior of the dancer. Those who don't see only the downside and as a result will miss much of what has been an historic run.

Thanks for the great posts.