WATCHING Becks, Craw and Gonzo play the ORIOLES... very interesting....

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    Re: WATCHING Becks, Craw and Gonzo play the ORIOLES... very interesting....

    In response to CommyContrarian's comment:

    BECKS is reaching 91-92 on his 4-seamer. seems very relaxed and commanding on the mound. only has 3 walks all year. but very long between pitches, would have driven farrell nutts. in a questionable move, remiscent of grady and francoma (with becks), with 3 runners on and 2 outs in the 6th with becks at 113 pitches, mattingly with a guy warmed, jogs to the mound to ask becks if he can get the hot hitting marchardo (already 2 for 3 on becks). throws 4 straight 90mile fastballs then a 91 buzzbacker in tough guy texas fashion then throws a fat 88mi cutter that gets crushes for a 3 run bomb. in the 2nd, he give up the third longest HR in camden yards history to chris davis (448 ft). gets outta there with the slow walk and cclueless smirk we all got used to.  now has given up 6HRs in 4 starts. overall, same guy new uniform, refuses to adapt.

    craw looks fast in the OF, couple of chasedowns and almosters.. great hustle. he's what i thought we were getting. gonzo got a soft single and sacrifice RBI and the usual soft outs against good pitching. no impact but will improve his stats. to his credit, he is leading the dodgers in slugging, obp and OPS. i'm sure they arent upset about the trade. the way kemp is struggling, it would b a disaster if they didnt have a-gon. i will take napoli for short money thank you. the real surprise is craw. he's leading off and is second in both slugging, ops and obp and is a total warrior out there. the real disappointment is becks, now 0-3 wit little upside. lucchino just threw him in at the end while asking for extra pitchers. they just wanted A-gon at first. heard him a while bak on eei, love how he negotiated that. great buzz for dodgers, winning nothing. great baseball move for us! just a matter of time before we get another ring!


      SO, does Beckett$ surprise you ????