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    WEEI interview with Bobby V

    i just listened to this interview and it made me sick to my stomach.. honestly why would any manager or even player want to come to this town next year.. Why dont we ask the key players whey they are not performing.. i think Bobby V deserves more credit than what they gave him on this interview.. the question about if he is checked out this year is completley disrespecful.... I think the team has been checked out since off loading AGON and the rest... The media just runs everyone out of town thats the problem with Boston!!
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    Re: WEEI interview with Bobby V

    agree...but it seems on this forum we are in minority.  and just so its clear, don't think the whole team checked out...but enough of them appeared to let personal vendettas outweigh their will to take the field as a cohesive team and win games.  is it possible a different manager could have persuaded them to put all the junk aside and play to win?  no way to know, but doubt another manager could have pulled it off without at least being able to assemble his own coaching staff or else don a red cape with an S emblazoned on it.  Sure, the media has been low-down and dirty...but focusing on the media fixes nothing.  as the team stats go, so goes the media.
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    Re: WEEI interview with Bobby V

    Bobby V is a bad manager, he was never that good in New York.  Having said that, enough is enough...the media needs to stop trying to goad him into creating drama.  Everyone-the media, the fans, the players, Bobby V probably know he's gone at the end of the year.  The team is awful, but it's far from entirely his fault.

    This is the same team that quite on Tito last year, and that same sour attitude has plagued them again this year.  

    Ownership needs to hire a guy and give him the authority to run the team.