Weei is getting better.

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    Re: Weei is getting better.

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    Rob Bradford - WEEI.com







    My mistake. I didn't think Bradford was employed by WEEI.



    It doesn't change my opinion of him.

    He's still one of the better sources for Sox info in Boston.

    And he's miles ahead of idiots like Minihan, Callahan and Mutnansky.



    You were finally right about something Jack.

    That must make your whole month. LOL

    You must have been paying close attention to that interview if you did not know he was an employee.  I can see how you got your facts wrong.  BTW, seems like you listen to weei more than I do.


    Again, check out @EvanDrellich he tweets that he did not think Tim Timmons apologized and Ortiz was showing up the pitcher. There is nothing on google about Timmons aplogizing but please prove me wrong and post a link.


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