Well BEN, back to the drawing board with you starting pitching......

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    Re: Well BEN, back to the drawing board with you starting pitching......

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    I dont think there is a need for huge trades:

    1. I don't believe BenC. pulls the trigger and goes after Lee.

    2. I do think you could swap Lester to the Brewers for Gallarado. Maybe a little explanation--they are both having about the same kind of year--similar contracts--might be a good venue swap that both need.

    3. I see the need for a change in closer. Internally Bailey needs to work more--we either win by more than three runs or we're losing. Bailey in the set-up role could pitch several times a week. Have Ue, Taz  and Miller share the closer role.

    4. Trade Doubrount to a team like the Astros where lttle would be expected of him right away. He may have more time to develop--we have several guys better than he is right now that need a chance in Boston: Britton, Webster, Rubby, Ranaudo, Workman as the top candidates.


    Good post....... Doubront is killing us with his 5 innings, 100 pitches, then the extra use of the pen !!


    I would be careful trading Doubrant. A 25 yo left handler with his stuff is hard to come by. I see no reason to believe that any of the prospects above will be able to pitch in the Majors at the level Doubie has pitched at.

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