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Well Well Well

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    In Response to Re: Well Well Well : Losing what? I won my last start. Obviously I was referencing the sarcastic "some joke, that manager" that space was referring to BV and you placed in your response right after "Compare this to last September"...You placed some joke, that manager there. Why? To me it comes off as a rip at Francona. You can enlighten me though if you feel that it was in reference instead to BV. I thought the placement of the line was meant for Francona. You had insisted you never said a bad word about Tito, but that's how I perceived what you were saying in the earlier post on this thread. 
    Posted by dannycater
    Can't help what you perceive -- when I already said flatly that I never criticized Terry. Literal reading of what's there is better than creative reading -- aimed to find fault.

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    Re: Well Well Well

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    Lookee what we got here. The woeful Boston Red Sox chockful of roster holes and weak off-season moves and a joke of a manager, on May 22, have a better record than the mighty Detroit Tigers and California Angels, who unlike the inept newbie GM Ben Cherrington, made the big moves to vault ahead of the Sox into the best of the A.L.  I was told many times pre-season that these clubs had no holes.  But, stop the press, it turns out they DO have holes.  And it also turns out that games are still played on the field.  
    Posted by SpacemanEephus

    We have too much talent to be dismissed that easily.  We had the best record in BB thru 8/31.  We have 6 AS from last year, plus Pedroia, Aceves, Buchholz, Bard, etc.  We have a lot of variability on the team, but that still means guys can north just as easily as south.

    This is a very good team that is not close to playing at full strength.  I can easily see .600+ once we get some of these guys back.
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    Re: Well Well Well

    well said, Joe, and congrats on passing the 10,000 post mark in your illustrious forum chat career.