What are you reading?

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    I am not trying to be a troublemaker, but this thread is beyond ridiculous. Has nothing to do with the Red Sox or baseball. Just seems like an opportunity for posters to show what deep thinking intellectuals they are. Give me/us a break. Sorry if this offends anyone. Just my opinion. 



    You must have skimmed over everything. The facts in the thread show many references to the Red Sox and Baseball. Since there is not much happening in the Hot Stove League relative to the Sox, discussing the merits of Stephen Drew gets redundant and boring, but it gives you a chance to be critical of others, there goes that resolution! On top of that, you never answered the question in the title.  #FAIL. Let me throw in the grand qualifier, that seeks to pre-empt any response or rebuttal, "JMO". LMAO.



    You are missing the point methinks. There are other places to discuss books other than a Red sox forum.

    Go to Goodreads and try talking about Stephen Drew. Then you might get the point.


    Don't tell me what to do. The "Red Sox forum" has unlimited threads. It's not like I'm using up precious oxygen or something. It's not abour books per se. it's about asking frinds from the forum a little something about their personal experience, while we all wait to see which team will over pay for Stephen Drew. If you don't like the thread, SKIP IT! Ironic isn't it? with a name like 37stories, you're complaining about people talking about stories. LMAO.

    I actually did not tell you what to do, nor did I complain about it. I simply tried to direct you to a place that would be better to talk about books.

     I am an author by the way (with a name like 37 stories no less) so I find it less ironic than you that I would suggest Goodreads. 

    Just trying to broaden some horizons. Carry on.

    You actually did tell me what to do, "go to Goodreads", your words exactly. You may be a writer, but you're not much a reader IMO, as I already told you, it wasn't about books per se, but you want me to go to a board that's better for books, and you challenged me to go there and talk about Stephen Drew, in the hopes, I guess, of being chastised in two locations. I got the point, I want to assure you, you're like Dick Cheney said, "big time".