What do you expect when a poster rebuts what you write? Shouldn't he tell the whole story and not just snippets? Here's an example, I referenced a study that was published in Oct 2011. Snakeoil throws in a comment that the study has not been recieved by anyone in baseball, and then links to an interview with the author of the study who acknowledges that he hasn't heard anything(yet) from MLB, leaving out the fact that the study is days old in terms of publication and in a venue not necessarily to be perused by Front Office types. So technically he's right, the author admits no one has contacted him, but he didn't tell the entire story.
  I've got no dog in the fight.  I don't know the Professor, and I don't discredit his degree or question his acumen. I'd just like to know if there are other open minded individuals, not afraid to examine, explore and listen to other perspectives. Are you out there??
 I've already stated the offense is vastly improved from last year's Playstation
pinball accumulation of numbers, and I recognize you need good pitching to stay in the game, and if you have a lights out closer you're even better. I don't mind being challenged, but him chipping away like a distant sniper is not my prefered means of discussion.