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Of all of our prospects , Bogaerts is the most likely to not just become a regular starter in Boston , but to become an all star player. His hitting potential is above all the rest.  However , Iglesias should be the shortstop. Just looking at Bogaert's stats in the minors , it is apparent that he is not even close to Iglesias defensively.  Bogaerts can possibly move to third, with Middlebrooks moving to first. Other than that , he surely could learn to play a corner outfield position. 


Although I'd prefer Iggy at SS as well, in all fairness to Boggy, going by your criteria, Fldg%, POs, Assts per innings, Iggy and Boggy's fielding stats are not that far apart, (except for you favorite stat- errors) and I won't even get into the fact that Iggy played in the minors from ages 20-22, while Boggy from ages 17-19.


          Iggy  Boggy

GM      244   262

PO       338   377

A         681   706

RF/9  4.18  4.21

DP       146   135

E           32      68

F%    .970   .941

I'm not sure what is best, but I tend to think that a future IF like this might be pretty darn good:

1B: Middlebrooks

2B: Pedroia

SS: Iggy

3B: Bogaerts



I like that lineup as a future infield. Hopefully , the near future. Cecchini could become a factor at some point , but I don't get too interested until a prospect succeeds at the AA level.  I don't understand your minimizing the importance of errors. They can hurt. From what I read , many of Bogaerts errors were throwing errors , and were certainly not subjective calls by the scorer. I don't think they keep UZR ratings for minor leaguers, but I would be pretty certain that Bogaerts will never have the range of Iglesias. Iglesias is an exceptionally good defender. Bogaerts could become a good one , but the best thing for the team would be for him to change position.


I agree, but am OK with giving it another year. Things may sort themselves out by themselves by September.

I have high hopes for Cecchini, but agree that until he does something in AA, we need to not start pencilling him in anywhere.

One reason I like moving Boggy to 3B now is because I also have high hopes for Vinicio, Lin and Marrero. This Holt guy looks promising too, but maybe not at SS.