Ok so all the scouts in the world can't see what the Red Sox really need: A right handed Bat that can hit at a clip a bit higher than .250....They need a .290 RH hitter, Napoli might get hot and that would help ease the burden, but the only other real hitters in this line up from the right side of plate are Victorino and Pedrioa. I love Iggy but he caught lightening in the bottle, and it carried him through the season for the most part, and he is a great SS who winds up playing third base for some absolutely inexplicable reason!!! Drew couldn't play SS for my little league all star team, he can't hit and his range is less than Lugo's. Also he's a left handed bat, which throws the balance of the line up in the wrong direction when lefties are pitching against the Sox. Sorry Sally your sister sucked and so do you! Everyone thought they needed a LHRP and they brought in the Gas Can! Thornton a guy with two pitches and neither one is an exceptional out pitch. As it turns out they had a LHRP who was ready in the minors in Drake Britton!! Now I hear the cries for Jake Peavy, stop it please! Go sign the Cuban kid Miguel Gonzalez and save your assets for next year or for the teams future. Also if you think you still need a RHRP bring up Jose Contrearas he has only thrown 21 scoreless innings in a row! Plus if you are in pursuit of Gonzalez it would help to have Cuban's to help with his transition. If the Phillies become sellers try stealing Chico Ruiz from them. Stop trying to find the name guy to influence the fans, do what's good for the team. Stop chasing mirages!!!