What think you of the team NOW?

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    Re: What think you of the team NOW?

    I had 6 goals before the season started.......

    1-End the dread-----Last season was torture watching games. The worst I can ever remember. I just wanted to have fun watching the team again. Check.

    2-Give me hope for the future-----I wanted to have hope we could compete next season. Improve in the minors. Begin to win. Check.

    3-Make the playoffs-----I didn't care about getting over 500. Thats for teams like the Pirates. There was no difference to me between 80 and 82 wins. But making the playoffs is an achievement and brings the excitement of the playoffs. Check.

    4-Win the division-----If you win the division you improve your chances of winning it all. It would have sucked losing a one game playoff. Plus its the best division in baseball. Its an accomplishment. I was always a touch jealous watching the Yankees win the division every year. Check.

    5-Screw the Rays and Yanks-----Its funner to beat your arch rivals. A little pay back is cool. We beat them both big time in the regular season. We won the division. We helped keep the Yankees out of the playoffs. And we whooped the Rays in the playoffs. Check.

    6-Win the ring-----A lot of people have a goal of just getting to the world series or super bowl. That has never been mine. Thats because getting there and losing is extremely painfull. Why root to just get there. I doubt the Bills and Vikings fans have this as a goal anymore. The pain out weighs the gain. From here on out its win it all or we have come up short.

    Check penta-check, with 1 check to go.

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    Re: What think you of the team NOW?

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    I always liked the team

    But my concern had always been the starting pitching

    The Peavy trade helped a lot.  Buck coming back of course which based on history, I did not expect.  And Lester is starting to show some maturity.

    They are showing me a new model to win - balanced pitching staff and you don't need a Manny R in your line up to win...This is such a well-balanced team.  I also like how Ben allocated offense at some slots and defense at others. 

    We also have a key guy like Salty who has improved greatly - that goes a long way

    I knew going into the season they would be better than the yankees.

    After about a month I thought they would compete for that 5th WC.

    Of course today, they have exceeded all expectations and it's really easy to like these guys as much as 04 and 07 teams..........

    If they win it all, I will be extremely happy for Ben C.......but it all started by dumping the guys I absolutely hated!!!!

    The Tigers scare me a little but honestly not as much as Tampa

    The only NL team that scares me is Kershaw's team if he can go 3x



    No doubt; Kershaw is scary. But it would be fun playing against our old albatrosses.




    could you imagine poor Carl Crawford in Fenway in the WS?!  now that would be hilarious!!!!


    Lets just hope he doesnt go into TB mode if that happens.