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Blaming the manager is always the easiest thing to do and sadly when things go wrong long enough it is easier for a FO to fire the manager than it is to fire the players. It sometimes surprises me how much more credibility Belichick has in the market than Tito, when Tito has only one fewer championships than Bill in three fewer seasons. But then again there certainly was a lot of whining about Belichick and Brady after the Jets beat the Pats in the playoffs this year. So it is no surprise that a marketplace that questions the best football coach of his generation would find fault with the best RS manager in the modern era. From what I can tell Francona's temperament is well suited to both the game and the market his team plays in. His players most years over 162 games give us what we should expect and that includes last season when the RS were devastated by injury. When he has the horses in the bullpen he uses them well, when he doesn't have many he cloaks it as well as can be expected. He allows his players to play through slumps and is more often rewarded for his patience (Ortiz - Pedroia) than betrayed by it (Bellhorn 05).  But more obvious than these individual examples are the seasons and post seasons where the more fiery manager may have railed on his players, Francona's calm was reflected by his players and rewarded with comeback wins against long odds. But it easier to find someone to blame in the face of such a slow start rather than to except that baseball can at moments be a humbling game and other moments one where poorly pitched games are bailed out by balls finding grass in bunches. Just my take 
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Francona is not the problem with your ol' town team.  (it is the boy wonder IMO)

The Yankees won a bunch of WS's with a baaad manager, Mr. anointed Torre, he of the mediocre record outside of Yankee Stadium.

Torre was the right fit at the time, since all that was really required was to placate the bloviating boss.  Francona would have likely won the same title's.

Is he the right guy for the RS right now?  Maybe not.  But not because he is not a good manager.  My opinion is that the RS need the Dick Williams type right now.

To answer the original question -- the manager I like is the one that wins the WS.  That's it.