What was the best team of all time?

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    If the goal is to name one of the best “teams” in baseball history, one that always goes overlooked is the 1914 Boston Braves.


    The Braves started out very poorly, with a 26-40 record that had them 15 games out of first place. They went on to finish the season with a ridiculous 68-19 record (.781), and completed the largest comeback in MLB history, won the NL, and swept the World Series over the Philadelphia A’s.


    What makes this even more remarkable is the true lack of marquee talent. The Braves featured only 2 future Hall of Famers. One was Johnny Evers, who was winding down his career, and the other was Rabbit Maranville, who was just starting his. So neither player was in his peak. And while both certainly had good careers, neither was ever known as an offensive powerhouse capable of carrying a team for even a reasonable stretch, let alone for 87 games. I also would challenge anyone to name a pitcher on the 1914 Braves without looking it up.  (Their best starts that year were Bill James – no relation - and Dick Rudolph. Each won 26 games and no one remembers either of them.)  Conversely, the Philadelphia team they defeated featured 5 Hall of Famers (Eddie Collins, Home Run Baker, Herb Pennock, Chief Bender, Eddie Plank).


    While there are plenty of other examples of baseball teams who managed to accomplish more with more talent, I could easily see this squad a great dark horse candidate for being the best in terms of being a team and making a team effort...


    Nice one, notin...Knew nothing about the 1914 Boston Braves. Fascinating history, with pretty entertaining name changes for a franchise...First they were the Cincinnati-inspired Red Stocklings, then the Red Caps, then the Beaneaters (love that one), then the Doves, then the Rustlers, and finally the Braves in 1912...Forty one years later they had moved to Milwaukee....




    Johnny Evers is my 3-6 couisin with a 98 percent probability.

    More than likely siblings from our great great grandparents which I have not yet found the actual link.

    But I do know it is true because I submitted my dna to ancestry.com and they provided me with the data.

    Both of our families migrated from Ireland to Troy NY in about 1840.


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    Re: What was the best team of all time?

    Most of the players and the manager of the original NY Giants came from the Troy (NY) Haymakers of the NL after that club disbanded.

    King Kelly was from Troy NY too.