Perhaps this is a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", as the Boston bullpen has been fantastic since it's poor April, but what are we waiting for by keeping Mark Melancon in AAA?

The word during spring training was that he was having arm/mechanics issues, and that reared its ugly head when Melancon was shelled in his first few regular season games with the team. So Boston rightly sent Melancon down so he could get back on track.

Since then:
18.2 IP, 8 saves, 0.96 ERA, 3 BBs, 26 K's(!), 16 total baserunners, and a great GB%

Melancon is dominating AAA, and given his success in the majors last year, it looks pretty clear to me at least that his struggles were mechanical, not why isn't he back with the parent club?

Are the Sox waiting to see if Aceves faulters (so they can then slot Melancon in the closer role)? Would calling him up necessitate dropping a useful bullpen arm from the entire roster? Will waiting a few more weeks keep his service time down (I don't think so...he's pitched in parts of multiple MLB seasons)?

What do you guys want? Are you ready to see him in Boston again? Dying to see him in Boston again? Need him to take more time? Want no part of him? Other?