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Even with injuries - there has to be a young guy at AAA who would benefit greatly by playing - and I think he could hit .147 and pitch occassionally just like McDonald. Aviles is the utility guy. IF should be:  1B:  Agone the loser 2B Pedroia SS Inglesias 3B Middlebrooks C- Lavarnaway Let them play the next 100 games or so.  You aren't making the playoffs anyhow.
Posted by Schumpeters-Ghost

If the Sox aren't going anywhere, why rush Iggy before he's ready. If a guy is overmatched in Triple-A, what is so wrong about leaving him there with no pressure to learn to be a hitter?

That's what I don't get. All you posters rip Theo for "overhyping" the prospects and that's exactly what's being done with Iggy. The kid still is learning to be a hitter so why do we have push him before he's ready? What's to gain?